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Aseptic plastic pouch packing machine
Features This packing machine has wide applications in various fields, including liquid dairy products, plant protein beverages such as bean milk, peanut milk, soy, vinegar, yellow wine and scour. Realizable in function and nice in appearance, it also has the extending functions of auto...

Aseptic pillow shape packing machine
Features Aseptic pillow shaped filling machine is new high stable aseptic equipment. It finished paper packing materials sterilizing, modeling, sealing and cutting in aseptic environment, and fill the material which has treated by UHT into package. The products have long shelf life. ...

Aseptic brick-shape carton packing machine
Features The machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine etc. gravity flow type liquid food that have been carried out after UHT sterilization. The whole machine is made of stainless stee...

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