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Straw type bag filling and sealing machine

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Our GF Plastic Bag Filling and Sealing Machine is a fully automatic set of equipment suitable for the packaging of highly viscous products such as milk, yogurt, bean curd, vinegar, soybean sauce and various fruit juices. There are three models available (GF-60, GF-120, GF-180). We can customize all specifications &types according to costumers' demands.

Automatic filling and sealing; manually place the bag onto the filling mouth and press down the mouth

Automatic hot and strength is reliable.

Overall accord with food sanitary stipulation with the material production of stainless steel.

Overall adopts Electromechanical unification, position is accurate. It is reasonable that movement coordination is operated, maintenance convenience.

Appearance is beautiful and grace, wash convenience, productivity is high.


Model \ SpecificationGF-180GF-120GF-60
Output capacity (bags/hour)1800-12001200-800600-200
Filling mouths1284
Filling volume (ml)100-500100-500100-500
Packing materialPlastic multiplex membrane or other membrane
Size (mm)1300X800X14001000X800X1400600X800X1400
Total weight (kg)18010080

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