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Stainless Steel Sheet Precision No.4 Dry Grinding Machine

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Stainless steel sheet precision No.3 No.4 dry grinding line is mainly applied to the stainless steel and other metal plate surface grinding/polishing process. After this process, the sheet surface will have snatchy vertical short filaments to get good surface decoration effect. Meanwhile, different depth (or thickness) of the filament can be produced by replacing grinding belts with different grit grain size, to meet the needs of different grinding requirements.

This machine is dry type grinding/polishing equipment, is equipped with two abrasive belts (grinding head) and a dust exhaust system (water bathing dust remover). 

The Line is Composed of 1 Set of dry No.4 Main Machine, single-sided Laminator, 3 Sets of Roller Tables,1 set of dust exhaust system. 


Main Parameters: 

Workpiece Thickness: 0.5---3mm

Workpiece Width:  1250mm or 1550mm

Workpiece Length: ≥1000mm

Abrasive Belt Size (width × perimeter):   (1280~~1580)×2625mm

Feed Speed: 4.8-20m/min


Total Motor Capacity:

Abrasive Belt Motor:2×55 KW

Lift Motor: 1.5 KW

Feed Motor:3 KW

Dust Collecting Motor: 5 KW

Air Supply Pressure: 0.55 MPa

Working Air Pressure: ~0.50 MPa

Compressed Air Consumption: 0.3 m3/min

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