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Stainless Steel Sheet Precision Hairline Oil Grinding Machine

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Using Stainless steel sheet Hairline and No.3 No.4 oil grinding line can get No.3, No.4 or hairline finish through grinding the surface of stainless steel sheet or coil with Wide Grinding Belts and Assistant Oil.

The Line is Composed of 1 Set of No.4 Main Machine, 1 Set of Hairline Main Machine, Degreasing Unit, Cleaning Unit, Drying Unit, Laminator, 5 Sets of Roller Tables, Oil Mist Collector, and Oil recycling System. The whole line can make No.3, No.4 and hairline finish together, but if you just need one finish function, you can just select corresponding machine assembly.

The machine line uses abrasive belt is specialized size circular sanding belt, our machine using specialized grinding oil to make cooling and lubricating. When stainless steel sheet is processed in our machine, the sheet surface can appear color effect, which is the difference with “dry grinding”, and because of oil cooling effect, this machine is better for thin sheet. Users can get different thick and thin short line through changing different grid sanding belt.

Using our company's patent technology, we have solved chatter marks or vibration marks very well on the sheet surface, which makes our technology to a high level in this industry. 

Main Parameters: 





Main machine

Grinding Belts



2 sets


4 sets

Workpiece Thickness (MM)


Workpiece Width (MM)

1250 or 1550

Workpiece Length (MM)


 feeding speed(M/Min)

520 (coil 25)

 feeding Speed Adjustor

Frequency Control

Belts Speed Adjustor

Frequency Control

Thickness adjustment (accuracy: 0.01mm)


Belts Width(MM)

1280 or 1580

Grinding Liquid

Liquid for S/S

Degreasing Liquid

Liquid for S/S

Power Source Air Pressure(Mpa)


Gas Supply (M3/Min)



3Φ 380V

Total Power


Dimension of the Main Machine



Main Machine: 10 Tons each

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