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Stainless Steel Sheet 8k Mirror Polishing Machine

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Description of 8k mirror polishing machine:

8k mirror polishing machine can achieve Mirror-like (8K/No. 8) finish through polishing to the surface of stainless steel Sheet or coil, 8K, No. 8, means Mirror-like finish, bright reflective like mirror, and surface very smooth, which is conformed to the international 8k standard. No. 8 mirror-like finished sheets are suitable used in superior place, especially in elevator decoration and mobile phone shells. Moreover, we can make the machine according to your specification.

Our machine one section (group) has 8 polishing heads, normal standardized machine assembly is 12 sections, total 96 polishing heads, but more polishing heads, the polishing effect will be more better.

Main Parameters: 

Workpiece Processing Thickness:              0.5~~3mm

Workpiece Processing Width:          1250mm, 1550mm or 2000mm

Workpiece Processing Length:                 ≥1500mm

Diameter of Polishing heads:                230mm

RPM of the Polishing head:                690 RPM/MIN

Polishing Speed:                        0.5~~1.5m/Min

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