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Sheet extruder machine

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Plastic sheet extruder is developed by taking the advanced technology from both home and abroad.It,s applicable to produce PP,PE and PS sheet, which are used to produce drinking cup,Ice-creamcup,jelly cup and so on.

1. The main parts such as screw,roller and Tdie are made of 38CRMOALA,which have given nitrogen treatment,so they are wearable.

2. Large in length-diameter ratio,good in Plasticizing.The property of sheet is guaranteed.

3. As adoption of advanced electric,the production efficiency is improved.(According to customer‘s requirements).


Screw diameter(D)φ110mm
Screw L/D ratio(L)33:1 
Cylinder material38CRMDALA
Cylinder heating typeAluminum cast heater, total 6zones
Cylinder cooler typeCooling with air blower each zone(high precision of temperature control)
Speed down cabinetZLYJ-250-16:1  coupling drive
Screen Changer typeHydraulic screen changer, non-stop machine
Motor power of hydraulic pressure2.2 kw
Width of die head, PP,PS,PE800㎜
Sheet width670㎜
Sheet thickness0.3-1.5㎜
Die head heating power11 kw
Die head heating typeBuilt-in heating stick
Die head heating control   5zones controlled saperately
Main power45 kw-6 grade
Type of main machine speed adjustmentFrequency converter speed adjustment
Frequency converter90KW

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