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Semi automatic tabletop fried dumpling making machine

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HT-28 Dumpling Machine 

(for making steamed and fried dumpling) 


HT-28 dumplings  machine


1.Production capacity can reach 1500 pieces per hour


2.Sanitary after using non-stick Teflon


Home dumpling making machine


The best and most quick semi automatic dumpling machine


The product's biggest advantage


1. Production capacity can reach 1500 pieces per hour


2. Sanitary after using non-stick Teflon


Product specifications: Model: HT-28 dumpling machine

Power supply voltage: 220V 50HZ   110V 60HZ

Power: 65W


Production rate: 1500 pcs/hr


Dimensions: 350x370x480mm (Hopper 701mm)


Net weight: 45kg


The length of dumpling   is 8-9cm


The weight of dumpling  is 18-30g


The speed of yield is 2/sec


Product features :


1). As small as small-sized microwave oven.


2) . Production capacity can reach 1500 pieces per hour.


3). Anyone can operate the quality and stability

4). Made according to specific requirements, including the size and shape of dumpling, Weight of stifling and thickness of dumpling skin.


5). Convenient and practical cutting head can be cleaned movably.


6). Weight of stuffing can be adjusted to demand.


7) . With fantastic packing technique just like manual work.


8) . Table-board is sanitary after using non-stick Teflon.


9) . Machine made of aluminum and Stainless Steel via Nitrogen oxidation treatment can match food hygienic standard.

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