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The water pump for the core of the equipments, is imported, and the hyperfitration film is imported from MR TAO CHEMICAL CO. in America. It is equipped with a full set of clean unit. It has features of simple structure, convenience operation and high technological level. When the specific conduction is lower than 250us/cm, The quality of the water treated can meet with the standard of national pure water, It is the most ideal equipment in domestic market at present.

The principle of 2-steps hyperfiltration device is to adjust the PH-value of water through first grade device, then let second step high pressure pump transter liquid into the second step hyperfiltration system to treat, and get the cleaned water at last. The desalt ratio of the 1-step hyperfiltration system is over 99.5%. It needn't flow through the way of direct exchange treatment and It can be up to the standards of bottled drinking water (Conform to GB17323-1998).

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