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QHS series drink mixer

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This mixer adopts advanced gas-liquid mixing device, it can mix syrup, water and CO2 gas at the same time for the filling machine. Also it can apply to thin beer,aerate for beer and produce sparkling wine, carbonated drink. This mixer is advanced in technology, stable in mixing, reliable in performance, compact structure, easy in operation. It is suitable for aerated beverage company of large, middle or small scale.


Capacity L1000-15002000-35002000-30004000-60008000-900010000-12000
Mixing range1:3-1:61:3-1:6
Gas content in beverage1.5-2.51.5-2.5>3.0>3.0>3.5>3.5
Temperature in chilled water0-5℃0-4℃
Water deoxindized methodDeoxidized by CO2Deoxidized by vacuum system
Working pressure of pre-carbonation tank and syrup tank0.05-0.08Pre-carbonation tank :-0.05~-0.06Mpa      Syrup tank:-0.05~-0.08Mpa
Working pressure in storage tank0.2-0.50.2-0.5
Power (kw)
Overall dimension(mm)900×700      ×20001100×900      ×21001600×1250      ×21002000×1200      ×21003200×2100      ×25003800×2200      ×2750

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