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Pump Cap Capping Machine

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This machine integrates functions such as feeding bottles, sorting&placing&screwing caps, and delivering bottles. It automatically sorts pump type caps, and adjusts positions of pump type caps; and it automatically placing&screwing caps. Its automation is as advanced as imported machines.

This machine runs stably with low noise, wide applicative range, and good capping effect. It is beautiful and elegant in appearance as is polished on surface.

Due to its frequency control motor speed, it is ideal for assembly line and big&medium packing workshops.  


1.Machine Dimension:2400mm(L)*1950mm(W)*2700mm(H)

2.Container Size:φ40*80mm to φ100*280mm;customize for irregular bottles

3.Plug Size:φ25mm to 40mm

4.Pump Type Cap Height:100mm to 250mm

5.Power Supply:380V;50HZ


8.Screwing Hands:10


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