Production process of face masks


      Production process of face masks:

1. The inner layer of the mask molding, the use of shaped cotton heat pressure into a mask shape;

2. Outer mask can be made into sheet mask by using non-woven fabric, melt spray cloth and activated carbon non-woven fabric;

3. Multi-mask pressure, the inner and outer mask pressure, usually three to five layers of mask molding;

4. Cutting edge, press the mask excess edge to cut, leaving the full mask shape;

5. Nose line fitting, the mask uses nose line to adjust the wearing position, can use aluminum strip, rubber strip and other fixed materials;

6. The ear belt welding, the ear belt welding to both ends of the mask, there are many kinds of materials, can be welded 1 to 2;

7. Mask processing, packaging, disinfection steps

The above is the mask machine production mask steps, in fact, the operation is relatively simple, direct feed can be turned on, but the machinery to remember regular maintenance and maintenance, mask production can be solved perfectly.