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Prepared OPP label labeler

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This product is a rotary labeling hot melt glue opp labeling machine. It is composed by Convey belt, bottle feeding parts, starwheel parts, hot melt glue jet system, bottle-pressed device, brusher device, turntable, label box, label release switch, compress air system, pneumatic connector, motors, control system. It has good structures and occupies less space. The outside is made of stainless metal and non-metal. It was designed based on the bottle style provided by our customer and its correspondent standard labels. If customer wants to change bottle size and use nonstandard pattern label, all correspondent parts can be modified.


1) Capacity  6000 bottles/hour (for 0.5L bottle)

2) Frequence Alteration Electronic Engine

    Main machine Power: 4KW

3) Heads Number: 9

4) Electricity: 380V, three phase,50Hz

5) Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 2100 x 2000 x 1870 (mm)

6) Weight:  3.2T approx.

7) Bottle Style:     Cylinders

8) Glue: Hot melt glue

9) Labels: As for standard bottles, maximum width of labels is 350mm.

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