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Positioning Self-adhesive Labeling Machine (High Accuracy)

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1. This machine has a fixed position for cylindrical bottle labeling. 
2. Conforming to GMP standard.
3. Touch screen, PLC program.
4. Labeling Speed: 0-26m/minute

Major Characteristics:
This machine is suitable for high requirement of labeling position and has a fixed position for cylindrical bottle labeling.
Touch screen, PLC program, the photoelectric device and color code tests the bottles and conveys the labels. It has advantages like convenient operation and easy to adjust specification. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, anti-rust, conforming to GMP standard.


1. Power supply: AC220v; 50Hz
2. Power Capacity: 1.2kw
3. Labeling Speed: 0-26m/minute
4. inside diameter of the roll: Ø76mm
5. Maximum outside diameter of the roll: Ø350mm
6. Standard height of the labels: below 130mm
7. Maximum height of the labels: 190mm
8. Weight: 220kg
9. Dimension (LXWXH):2000mmX1100mmX1420mm

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