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Pneumatic quantitative filling machine

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The pneumatic cylinder pushes the piston upward and downward in quantitative filling cylinder to complete the stroke of intake and filling.

◇ Suitable for meat paste and diced meat; Filling times: 30-40 C.P.M.

◇ Quantification allowed error: ±2g.

◇ With automatic knot tying device. Animal casing or collagen casing are optional.

◇ Linked with any kinds of automatic clipping machine to form a automatic production line in the way of one, two or three filling pipes. If double-pipes connection adopted, the output of the machine will be doubled respectively.


TypeExtemal DiameterVolumeVoltagePressureAir ConsumptionWeightMaximum portion
QG03A700×800×160080 L220V0.5 Mpa5001551000
QG03B700×800×160080 L220V0.5 Mpa500155500

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