Pillow type packing machine market


With the rapid development of China and the increase of people's income, the fast moving consumer goods industry is also developing rapidly, and the candy industry is no exception.

Data shows that China's candy retail industry has been growing in recent years, a variety of candy sales, especially cream candy and chocolate candy. With the hot sale of candy, the demand for candy machinery and candy packaging machine has also increased significantly.

There are many varieties of candy, at present, the packaging of candy, chocolate products in the form of kink packaging, pillow packaging, folding envelope packaging. Traditional kink packing is the oldest packing form, which is mostly used in candy. It can be completed not only by modern high speed and automatic packaging machine, but also by manual operation.

Pillow type packaging is the most common, so pillow type candy packaging machine has become the most popular candy packaging machine. Pillow type packing machine can be used for packing solid objects such as biscuits, moon cakes, egg yolk pie, rice cake, ice cream, instant noodles, chocolate, frozen food, medicine and industrial parts.

Folding envelope packaging, mostly used in chocolate products, candy is suitable for roll bag, strip bag, box. This packaging form has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials. With the continuous improvement of snack food, convenience food and other food markets, the market demand is more and more vigorous.