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Paste packing machine

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Suitable for automatic packaging of paste of foods, medicine and chemicals, such as pesticide shampoo, and body foam lotion, facial cream, ingredient oil, fruit sauce, tomato ketchup and homey etc.

Main standard features:

Control system with Chinese and English display screen, stainless steel body, after the parameters(length of bag)are set at the display setting unit, the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving best packaging speed. Reliable and stable dual light source photoelectric check detecting system, assuring complete logo of the packing bags. Controlled by intelligent temperature controller, automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing,  marking, cutting and counting.

Sealing type:DXDJ-180: three sides、four sides,DXDJ-500/1000:pillow

Packaging material:

Pet / al / pe pet / pe nylon compound film etc that can be hot sealed and against leakage' materials.

Option:Hot stamp ribbon coder


ModelPackaging speed      (bag/min)Filling range      (ml)Power      (v/kw)Bag size      (mm)Weight      (kg)Dimension(mm)      (L×W×H)
DXDJ-18025-6010-180220/1.5(L)50-180      (W)50-1403001000×800×1900
DXDJ-50015-4050-500220/1.8(L)50-250      (W)50-1503201100×800×1900
DXDJ-100015-30100-1000220/1.8(L)50-300      (W)50-2103501200×900×2000

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