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Paint filling machine

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This machine with multi-filling valve is special designed for small package paint and dope, it uses meter weight to fill. Each filling head has metage and feedback system,easy adjust, convenient rinsing. It is an idea filling equipment for small packing industry.   


1. Machine Dimension(L,W,H) :7000mm x 1400mm x 1900mm

2. Container mouth Size : Diameter: ≥ 60 mm 
3. Container Diameter Size : D 80MM-D70 mm 
4. Container High Size:80mm-180mm 
5. Power supply AC380V 50hz (or according to client voltage requirement)

6.Power: 6KW ( filling machine 3.5kw, capping machine2.5kw ) 
7. Filling volume range : ≤ 5000g ( in 1000g-5000g is batter ) 
8. Error Range: ± 0.2% F.S. 
9. Pneumatic (air-operated) source: 0.6Mpa clean and Stably compressed air 
10. Filling valve number.: 10 
11. production capacity <3000 Drums/hour 12.Temperature of working environment :0-40℃  

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