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PVC profiles extruder

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PVC Profiles Extruder 

1. PVC Profiles Extruder suitable to produce PVC profile, multi-hole cable duct(4-hole, 6-hole, 7-hole option). The capacity of main extruder from 150kg/hour to 450kg/hour for option 

2. Special design for haul-off units working stable, reliable and heavy duty force. 

3. Vacuum sizing tank having particular big eddy flow cooling system for cooling and sizing easy for high speed extruding necessary. 

4. The action of cross direction saw cutter keeping synchronous with haul-off controlled by PLC controller, reasonable design, running stable, auto fixed length cutting, assembled swarf suction device. 

5. According to different mold, the vacuum sizing tank could be provided of 4 meter, 6 meter, 8 meter, 11 meter models. 

6. According to different profile section and mold to choose different conical or parallel twin screw extruder and provide relative vacuum sizing tank, haul-off, cross direction saw cutter, stacker auxiliary equipments. 

7. Providing parallel twin screw extruder for high speed extruding.

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