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PLC controlled piston filling machine

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This is our newly developed filling machine, the comprehensive function has reached the advanced international level, and partial has exceeded our neighboring line abroad. Moreover, it is well received by world famous chemical magnates. This is a inline piston filling machine for cream and liquid. With precise metric, wide adjusting scales, and low noise, this product is controlled by computer automatically (PLC) and touch screen panel as well. Meanwhile, its stable function, compact structure and large scale adjustment make filling speed fast.. It is also suitable for easy volatilization, easy crystal, easy bubbly; strong corrosive liquid for rubber, plastic, and high viscosity liquid, semi-liquid. Apart from adjusting and metering, it can also adjust metering of each filling head. With elegant appearance, it comes up to GMP standard.


outline dimension(L*W*H) 2280*1400*2200mm  2000*1100*2200mm 2000*1100*2200mm 2000*1100*2200mm
number of filling head 16 12 10 8
 bottle  diameter φ40mm~φ100mm φ40mm~φ100mm φ40mm~φ100mm φ40mm~φ100mm
 bottle height 60mm~300mm 60mm~300mm 60mm~300mm 60mm~300mm
 diameter of bottle mouth ≥φ18mm ≥φ18mm ≥φ18mm ≥φ18mm
 filling range50ml~1000ml 50ml~1000ml 50ml~1000ml 50ml~1000ml 
 prodution capacity ≤5000 bottles/hour ≤3800 bottles/hour ≤3000 bottles/hour ≤2400 bottles/hour
 filling precision ≤±1ml ≤±1ml ≤±1ml ≤±1ml
 voltage 220V;50HZ 220V;50HZ 220V;50HZ 220V;50HZ
 power1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 
 compressed air pressure 0.55Mpa~0.65Mpa 0.55Mpa~0.65Mpa 0.55Mpa~0.65Mpa 0.55Mpa~0.65Mpa

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