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PET waste plastic recycling line

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Our PET bottle crushing/washing machine with the function of crushing/washing, floating, conveying, drying, water recycled etc, and slove the technical problem of the secondary pollution to the water and environments made by the recycling machine. 

At present, our machines were widely exported to different countries as U. K., Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan, Mexico and India etc. Details as follow: 
1. The whole recycling line adopts Germany technology. It is surely of standard and high quality with CE certification and ISO 9001. 
2. The whole production line is highly automatic. 
3. Unique design, capacity between 300-3000kg/hr. 
4. After being washed, dewatered and dried, the water content will be very low (≤ 2%) 
5. Provide turn-key project for our customers. Design-produce-installment-test running. 
6. Control table is separated from the machine, and reach the propose of centre controlling. 

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