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PE PP film granulator

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The whole production line can be used to make granules from recycled LDPE, HDPE, PS, PP, EVA, HDPE material. Capacity from 150kg/hr - 700kg/hr. 

Working flow as below: 
Convey belt --Metal detector --Compactor --Extruder --Water-ring pelletizer -- Water tank --Dewatering system -- vibrating screen -- air blowing system -- storage hopper 


Technical parameter(extruder): 
A. Radio(L/D): 30: 1 
B. Screw diameter: Φ160 
C. DC power: 160kW 
D. Rotation speed: 10~120rpm 
E. Cooling method: Force wind cooling 
F. Lubrication method: Force lubrication 
G. Heating method: Electrical heater 
H. Cutting method: Water-ring hot cutting 
I. Control section: 7 section (including head) 

Technical parameter(compactor): 
A. AC motor: 90kW 
B. Temperature control: 1 section 
C. Cooling method: Wind cooling 
D. Moving blade: 3 
E. Fixed blade: 6

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