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Multiple medium filter

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Varies of materials is soluted in water. If we want to clean water, we must treat water, The basic way is to filter impurity in water with all kinds of medium.  It can get different filtering efferent filtering medium.It can effectively get rid of the mixture of Fe, Mn in water. It also can effectively get rid of special smell and the rest chlorine. It is widely used in primary purifying treatment in foodstuff, drink, medicine industry. It can make water pure and diaphanous. It has many advantages such as occupying small area, easy and simple operation and maintenance, large volume and revers washing. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is beautiful and durable. It meets the demands of food sanitation.


Section areas (m2)
Filtering speed (m/h)8-128-128-128-12
Treatment volme (m3/h)2-34-68-1010-15
 Pressure (Mpa0<0.3<0.3<0.<0.3
Filter layer height (mm)1200120012001200
Inlet/outlet turbidity (mg/L)entrance<100exit<10 entrance<100exit<3
Appearance size (mm)φ500x2300φ800x2800φ1000x3000φ1200x3100
Weight(kg) 750120018002200

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