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Macaroni Processing Line

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This processing line is the line, which adopts the technology of occident equipments. They have many characteristics such as high automation, good stability, easy operation, large output and short time etc. what is more, it has improved the technology which avoid some of the traditional abuse. It can process various materials, widely applied in many industries: baby rice powder, sesame paste, and nut paste food etc. This nutritional rice powder processing line is a new generation and high efficiency line.



Input Voltage380V/ 50Hz380V/ 50Hz
Output60 - 80 kg/h80 - 120 kg/h
Driving Power22 kw30 kw
Cutting Power0.75 kw0.75 kw
Heating Power14.5 kw14.5 kw
Total Power38 kw46 kw

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