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Ion exchanger

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The exchanging device is for reducing the hardness of the water, Raw water flows through the exchanger with that of sodium-ion. Then the raw water becomes soft water containing very little ion of magnesium and calcium, The sofe water can be used for feeding water of boiler and for some industrial uses. Due to its high dissolving ability in water, sodium will not hard sediment in the boiler and can be easily removed. Raw water shall be filtered and settled with almost no suspended substance before coming into the ion changing device after being softened in the device, the hardness of the water would be less than 0.03mg equivalent/L.


Processing capacity(m3/h)2-34-68-1010-15
Operating pressure(Mpa)<0.3<0.3<0.3<0.3
Working period(h)48-5048-5048-5048-50
Ion-exchanger 732resin (or sulpjonated coal)
Net height of resin stack1.
Appearance size(mm)φ500x2600φ600x2800φ800x2900φ1000x2900

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