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ICModule Stripe Glue Laminating Machine

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LWCML6000 is automatically controlled by program and is operated by colorized Chinese –Enlish touch screen, imported stepping dynamo conveys IC mould stripe and stepping glue laminating of hot weld glue. Production speed is fast, glue laminating precision is high. 
It is suitable for glue laminating processing of all kinds of IC mould stripe(such as 6 pin and 8 pin). 
1、it incorporates the conveying of IC module and hot weld glue ,glue punching, hot welding glue laminating and collection of finished products.
2、punching mould is made by imported high hardness wear-resisting steels, which ensures the long longevity of mould.
3、hot welding glue laminating welding head is designed by automatic amending and balanced structure, which ensures the effect of glue laminating, and convenience of adjustemnt.
4、both hot welding and glue punching mould boat position fine-adjustment institution, which ensures high punching precision and convenient operation.
5、it is designed by turnover welding head structure, which makes cleaning and changing of welding head convenient.
6、proper mould structure design which makes changing easy and convenient.when it is needd to glue laminate different mode of IC mould, change mould.
7、using imported stepping dynamo conveys IC mould and glue laminates hot weld glue step. Parameters are adjustable, speed is fast and precision is high
8、IC mould stepping position is automatically monitored and protedted by eletric eye. If position is incorrect, automatically alerts and stops.
9、Stripe and reel automatically placing feeds, collect feeds. If it is empty, it will automatically alerts and stops. 
10、PLC program controls automatic running. Machine is operated by colorized Chinese-Enlish touch screen, so error will be alarmed and amendment is convenient.
11、Machine is designed by dual rail structure, so machine can be choosed to process double rows or single row. This operation can be done with choosing of touch screen.


Power supplyAC220V 50/60 HZoperator1 person
Total powerapprox 6 KWoutput12000~15000 pcs/h(CML6000)
Air souce6kg/cm2(no water)
Air consumptionApprox 30L/minAdhesive wayHot weld glue(such asTesa 8410、Scapa G175etc.)
WeightApprox 400KgModule specificationISOstandard(such as M3 and M2 modules)
Control methodPLC program+stepping systemOverall dimensionAbout L1700×W800×H1600mm

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