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High speed aseptic brick filling machine

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1Model : 16000 

2Filling Product

Type:   liquid and non viscous products ( milk, yoghurt, juice, soy milk, and tea beverage

 PH:    2.5-8.0      

 Products viscosity:  below 30CPD 


6000-8000 packs /H1000ML

4、Filling size  

 Filling size: 1000S/B

 Filling Precision  ±1.5

5、Product supply  

asupply pressure: 0.8~2.5±0.5bar

bsupply temperature:   5-50℃

cproduct joint:      2S-SMS standard screw thread  

6、Electrical parameters  

asupply pressure:         380±10V

bcurrent frequency      50HZ

cpipe sealing power:       6KW

dheating power:          23KW

esterilize power:          30KW

fproducing power:         36KW

gheat sealing frequency:    400-600KHZ

helectrical cabinet:        28-35℃

7、Compressed air supply  

apressure:   600-700KPa

balarm pressure:   600KP

cusage:           450L/min

dquality requirement: filtered, dry, water removal and oil removal      

ejoint:             (3/4)S-SMS standard screw thread      

Steam supply  

apressure:           170±30KPa

binlet temperature:    125-140℃

Cusage:             2.5Kg/h

dquality requirement:   food level

ejoint:              G1/2- screw thread

9、soft water supply  

apressure:           300-450KPa

   btemperature:       ≤30℃

   cusage:             15L/min

   dquality requirements:  hardness less than 17 degree

ejoint:              S-SMS standard screw thread

10、Cooling water supply

apressure:          300-450KPa

btemperature:        ≤20℃

cquality requirements:  hardness less than17 degree,

   The concentration of chloride ion is less than 30ppm

djoint            1S-SMS standard screw thread

11H202 supply

  aconcentration:       35-50(food level)

busage:              4L/H

12 packaging material: :

   adiameter of paper roll: <=¢1100MM

   bdiameter of roller core: ¢152MM

   cdiameter of PP roller: ¢230MM

  ddiameter of PP roller core: ¢74MM

  ejoint: package and pp auto connect


aconveyor:            chain  

bspeed of conveyor :    20-32m\min

coutlet height :         750-800mm


Touch screen, on-line moving detect  

15environments temperature

a highest temperature      45℃

b lowest temperature:        5℃

c recommend temperature:    15-30℃ 

16、 noise                                  

Standard    ≤78db

17Machine wight:


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