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Glue spraying machine

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This equipment is easy to operate, save time and materials, save work force,raise the
efficiency,and Environmental protection
1) Saving in labor :
The equipment’s speed is such high efficiency that it can be roughly equivalent to 5~10 workers
by manual adhesive glue way
2)Saving material:
The device saves glue about 48% ,which compare with manual adhesive glue way
3)Significant effect:
Smart spraying glue method assures to paste equably and control the paste to the situation,
which also can control the spray width from 15mm to 50mm
4)Purpose form widely:
Spraying  point, line, surface, arc, circle and irregular curve  in the plane
5)Easy operation
This machine is designed with manually operation, foot pedal and automatic control system.
Besides, regular or irregular graphs can be set freely on the touch screen.
6)Environmental protection
The machine is fixed with the air suction filter system ,so that glue smell can be get
rid  while it  works.

Work area(X*Y)1200*800mm;
Max. speed 800mm/sec
the 3-axis linkage function is available
Z-axis Japanese/Taiwan precision module;Y-axis Taiwan top double screw module
Broad width of spraying glue :
Operation interface::7 inch HD true color LCD touch panel with USB connector, in English version
Drive mode:Japan servomotor- XY axis for Japan's top servo motor and drive system;
Power:AC220V 50-60HZ 3.5KW
Net weight:About160KG
Work air pressure:0.4-0.6MP
Warranty:glue gun--3 month;others--12 month
Application  Glue:
adhesive: hot cement|hot melt adhesive|hot melt glue (degrees)
melting temperature:low than 190 degrees
Accessories:master  device ,5L hot melt adhesive tank,maintaining tools

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