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Flat Sheet Membrane Equipment

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The membrane casting line for flat sheet membrane is consisted of a dissolving system for preparing dope solution, an unwinder of non-woven fabric on which dope solution is coated, a casting device, and a winder. The widths of membrane fabricated by the line are 12, 24, and 42 inch. In addition, customized designs are available to meet specific requirements from customers.
Adjustable casting thickness, controlled by PLC
Adjustable evaporation time
Adjustable casting speed, controlled by PLC
Adjustable inversion temperature, controlled by PLC

Membrane fabrication unit for R&D is also provided for membrane recipe and process study. Membrane washing machine, drying machine, and welding machine are also available for the flat sheet membrane manufacturing. The following membranes can be manufactured by our equipment: 

Nanofiltration/Reverse Osmosis
Pervaporation/Vapor Permeation
Gas Separation

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