Filling machine inspection points


1.  High accuracy: When the calibration capacity is 500 mm, the average error ±1.5 ml.

2. High speed :250-300 bottles per valve per hour, continuously variable speed.

3. Large capacity: Filling volume can be between 150-800 ml arbitrary stepless adjustment.

4. Wide range: can be applied to a variety of special-shaped bottles, and the bottle-type adjustment is convenient and convenient.

5. No liquid loss: bottle mouth closed filling, liquid bottle wall spray, no hops, no overflow.

6. No broken bottle: with elastic bottle support equipment, not limited by bottle height, short, bottle is not in place, do not break the bottle, do not damage the machine.

7. Active maintenance: In and out of the bottle wheel with overload gathering maintenance equipment, showing abnormal situation active shutdown alarm.

8. Automatic control liquid level: liquid level control using float level control equipment, control liquid level stability.

9. Electric adjustment: Electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, LCD digital display accurate.

10. Soft start: when boot, the machine from low speed to set speed, no rigid impulse, so will not break the bottle injury machine.