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Chocolate Pouring Production Line

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This machine is a special advanced equipment for chocolate pouring forming,lt gathers mechanical control .electric control. Air control all in one. Full automatic work program is applied through-out the flow of production including mold drying, pour vibration,cooling,de-molding and conveyance. This machine can produce pure chocolate. with filling and two-color chocolate .The products enjoy attractive appearance and smooth surface. The machine may accurately fix the feed is really ideal equipment for production high-grade chocolate

Use:pure chocolate, central filled chocolate,layered chocolate and nuts filled chocolate 

Capacity:0.5-1.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h, 0.8-2.5ton/8h


Total Electric Power:21KW30KW
Working Condition: Temperature:20-25℃20-25℃
Chocolate weight:Pure chocolate : 2.5-512g
Centre filled chocolate:15-40g
Total Machine Weight:5250kg6950kgs
Total Machine Size:16.7*1.12*2.5m19.85*1.21*3.5m
Mould Size:280*200*30 and 300*225*30mm280*200*30 and 300*225*30mm

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