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Automatic ultra clean gable top packng machine

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Automatic Ultra clean gable top carton filling machine

1.Work flow :

Put cardboard into carton holder (manually) → Ultrasonic capping (Optional) → H2O2 spraying →Dyring system → bottom sealing and heating  → filling  → Top heating and sealing → Date printing → Finished product

The whole process is controlled by PLC, and only need one person to operate.

2.Suitable for filling:

Various kinds of dairy products  and juice , such as milk, yogurt, cream, soy been milk, beaten egg, apple

juice ,orange juice ,  etc.

3.Technical parameter:

l Capacity: 250--1000ml / 1000ml-2000ml (can be filled by one machine)

l Output: 2200-2500 cartons/hour

lPacking material: cardboard carton / aluminum foil carton

(Carton bottom size 57*57mm, 70*70mm, 95*95mm, one size for one machine)

lCapping: With capping (Optional)  cap size: φ26-φ36, one size for one machine

lFilling temperature: 2-50 degree centigrade/70-90 degree centigrade

l Overall power: 33KW (three phases of electricity) ,220v,60HZ or 380V 50HZ

l Shelf life : for milk and other dairy product , the shelf life is 30 days at the cold temperature , for hot filling juice is one year .

l Breakage rate: 0.3% illing way: Constant volume Sealing carton way : Heater  Accuracy of filling : ±2g

l Compressed air pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa,   Flow rate: 2M3/min, without oil, water and dust

l Cooling water:Flow volume:≥40L/ min   Temperature:≤30℃

l Size: (L*W*H): 4.5m*1.6m*2.8m      Net Weight: 3500kgs

l Packing size: 5*1.95*2.58m          gross weight : 4000kgs

l Installation requirement: Any smooth floor, such as cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not need to

make angle.

l The machine is with carton lifting function to avoid foam forming and splashing when filling juice and milk.

l The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and the surface is special processed to be beautiful.


l PLC control, only need one worker.

l Apply Touch screen which shows the relevant information for operator, and makes the operation easy.

l Automatically record the working status, and can be long-term saved.

l Automatic lubrication.

l Automatically failure alarm, diagnosing, and solution indicating.

l The filling capacity can be adjusted at will.

l The capping function is optional.

l Can be installed with remote debugging system, which can solve problems for long distance customers.

5.Major spare parts:

1The entire equipment applies food-grade stainless steel,excluding the support
2HeaterSwiss LEISTER
3PLCGerman Siemens
4Extensive moduleGerman Siemens
5Pipeline solenoid valveJapanese SMC
6Pneumatic componentGerman FESTO
7Touch screenTaiwan DELTA
8CylinderGerman FESTO
9CylinderTaiwan AIRTAC
10CylinderJapanese SMC
11Vacuum suckerGerman FESTO
12Air filterSwiss LEISTER
13BufferGerman FESTO
14Compressed air filter systemGerman FESTO
15Fiber-optic sensor systemJapanese SICK
16Oil way systemAmerican BIJUR
17Vacuum generatorGerman FESTO
18Location aluminum boardAVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
19Remote debugging system
     (install if user need)
German Siemens

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