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Automatic non-woven surgical cap making machine

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Doctorsurgical Cap Making Machine adopt advanced ultrasonic welding to non-woven doctor cap forming a fold. It is a fully automatic production machine from raw material supplying to finished product output. With PLC system control,the stability is high,the failure is low.Import deceleration brake motor effectively reduced the defect rate of products.This machine with aluminum alloy rack,the appearance is beautiful and will not get rusted permanently. Under replacing the mold it can produce the different specification doctor caps. 

1. Ultrasonic welding, once folding and forming of the product;

2. Fully automatic and integrated machinery, from raw material input to fully automatic folding, welding and cutting;

3. Man-machine interface, one person only;Control panel is easy to learn;

4. Precision processing technology, high hardness and durability of mechanical engineering ;

5. Adjustable tension system control to ensure the beauty of the finished products;

6. Slow down the brake motor to effectively reduce the defective rate of the product;

7. Automatic induction stop of material shortage, without idling the machine;

8. The caps of doctors of different sizes can be produced by changing molds;

9. The finished product is beautiful and smooth, and the welding pattern can be customized according to customer requirements;The incision is smooth without rough edges;



8 KW

Designed Speed

80-100 pcs/min

Machine size


Common size to be packed in wooden cases  

2450mm*1000mm*1500mm (L*W*H)

2450mm*900mm*1400mm (L*W*H)

Net weight


Gross  weight




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