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Automatic insulin syringe assembling machine

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1. The equipment electrical PLC control system adopts the KEYENCE brand, the servo system adopts Panasonic, the photoelectric sensor adopts the optical fiber amplifier uses KEYENCE, the pneumatic component SMC, the touch screen adopts the Taiwan KINCO, the motor adopts the China JWD motor, CCD vision system is KEYENCE.

2. The material contacting product adopts Stainless steel.

3. Add alarm signs and protective devices to work stations and moving parts which may endanger personal safety;

4. Machine has a single station fault alarm display, glue level alarm.

5. Machine assembly stations have waste collection boxes to prevent unassembled waste from remaining on the machine table;

6. Machine has on-line detection function (CCD image), for non-qualified (insert, burr, plug needle), it can automatically eliminate them.

7. Machine can carry on the insulin cylinder electric spark processing on-line, the machine frame installs the wheel to easy to move.

8. Machine with compressed air storage tank, oil-water separator, electrical control system has phase sequence protection, over-current protection, anti-interference;


The assembly work process: automatic feeding barrel → automatic pressing barrel → automatic electric spark treatment → automatic feeding needle cannula→ automatic gluing→ultraviolet drying →CCD burr detection, inverted needle cannula (using KEYENCE 2 million pixel detection)→ automatic plugging detection, automatic oil dipping → automatic waste removal→automatic feeding cap → automatic pressing cap→counting → automatic outlet


1. Power :20 KW

2. Rated pressure :≥0.5 Mpa

3. Power: three-phase ,380 VAC50HZ

4. Machine weight: about 5 T

5. Machine size: 8m*3m

  6. Speed ≥12000 units per hour

  7. This machine is to assemble needle cannula, barrel and cap 

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