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Automatic dumpling machine

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Structure compact, automatic forming dumplings: according to the characteristics of dumplings forming, the use of dual-control bi-directional synchronous quantitative feeding principle, production without the need for another dough belt, just put the dough and filling stuff into the pointing hopper, then the machine can automatically produce dumplings.

Easy operation, strong controllability: filling quantity, wrapper thickness can be adjusted at any time, the production of dumplings, thin wrapper and full filling stuff, fast production speed, less labor and saving time.

This dumpling machine design unique, a multi-purpose machine: just change the mold, you can make different shapes, different specifications of pastry food.Such as: change the molds can wrap spring rolls, wonton, hotpot dumplings, pearl dumplings, curry dumplings, lace dumplings, pot post dumplings, samosa,ravioli,tortellini,letter pasta, rigatoni, calzoni and so on.Products can be boiled, steamed, Fried and processed frozen food.



Speed:3500pcs/hour (Dumpling weight below 60g)

Voltage:220V /50hz



Machine size:90*40*80cm

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