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Automatic carton packer

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 Equipment components:

It is composed of separator, feed conveyor with partition, main engine of packing machine, packing grip, bracing mechanism, packing conveying and positioning device, and electric control system.

Work flow:

The bottle is divided into several rows into the feed conveyor with partition, then transported to the packing machine, and the bottle/can is clamped into the open carton. When the grip is raised, the carton is transported out to the sealing machine and the empty box is input.


A PLC+ touch screen is used to control the machine. It has the functions of stopping the alarm and stopping the bottle without packing. The equipment is easy to operate, easy to manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity, is an essential equipment for automatic production.


Ø Model: WKD-ZX12

Ø Packing method: grab packing ,4 cartons at a time

Ø Electricity: Three-phase 380 V,50HZ

Ø Power :5 KW

Ø Air pressure :0.6 MPa

Ø Gas consumption :450 NL/min

Ø Packing speed :20 cartons/min

Ø Fuselage material: main frame adopts carbon steel square tube welding, surface spray treatment;

Ø Grip: Customized according to product

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