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Automatic SIM card punching machine

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GSM800 incorporates card conveying, card direction testing, hole punching, crease pressing and card collecting,the machine is operated by colorized Chinese–English touch screen. Card sending and punching indentation are drived by servo system. Parameters are adjustable, speed is fast and precision is high.

It is suitable for hole punch and crease pressing of ISO standard SIM card(2FF+3FF+4FF).

1. Hole punching mould is made by self-lead structure, and cutter edge is made by imported high hardness wear-resisting steel, which ensures the long longevity of mould.

2. Indenting mould is made by imported high hardness cutter, which ensures good quality of small card indentation, the amendment of mould is convenient.

3. Rational mould structure design, it is convenient to change, when different types of card and individuation cards are produced, just need to exchange mould.

4. Adopt high-power servo motor as punching force, parameter can be adjusted, cutting force is strong, precision is high.

5. Module structure design, four workstation can work at the same time, or choose one to work, it is flexible.

6. Two card feeding boxes could work together, or single card feeding box works for optional, to meet different processing requests.

7. Belt conveying structure ensures high speed and stable work.

8. Card direction testing , if card direction is wrong, the machine will alarm and stop.

9. The machine alarm and stop if there is no card or the discharge port is full.

10. Operated on touch screen human-machine interface automatically controlled by PLC. It is reliable and stable.


Power supply

AC380V 50/60 HZ

Control method

PLC program+servo system

Total power

5.5 KW


1 person

Air source supply

6kg/cm2Dry, no water

Positioning precision


Air consumption

Approx 80L/min

Work station

Four workstation


Approx 800Kg





Overall dimension

Approx L2100×W900×H1750mm

Punching style

(4FF+3FF+2FF) punching + 2FF crease pressing

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