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Automatic SIM ONLY card Packing Machine

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The machine LWAHP900 is controlled automatically by PLC program, operate on Chinese-English friendly touch screen human machine. Ultrasonic welding, servo motor send the cards and film continuously. High speed and clear of welding pattern.

Suitable to pack ISO standard card, half card, and SIMONLY card(25x15mm)
Can pack ISO standard card, half card, and SIMONLY card(25x15mm), with stable conveying card system and advanced card box exchanging system, during packing, no need to stop the machine to put card. Stable running and less errors. 
Advanced collecting card system can not only collect standard cards, also can collect SIMONLY cards.
Easy to exchange for packing standard card and SIMONLY card, only need to change the tool and the sending film parameter.
Vacuum belt send the packing film, stable and smooth.
Check double card, no card automatically, stop the machine if errors.
Available to pack single card or chained cards, can set the collecting cards number.
Personalization design for the edge of packing bags, customer can design the pattern, such as the pattern of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Uniform, Netcom. Easy to change the tool and can adjust the size of packing bags. 
Can add the vision detect system to check the serial no and barcode on the cards. (Extra function).
Can add the tie up system on line, tie the finished packing cards.(Extra function).



AC 380V/50 HZ

Control way

PLC program+ servo system

Total power



1  person

Air source

6 kg/c㎡(No water)

Overall dimension


Air consumption

About 50L/min

Packing film material

BOPP etc packing film


About 600Kg

Packing film thickness

0.025mm~0.035 mm


Max 7000-9000pcs/hour

Packing film size

Roller BOPP packing film, width after folding: 120 mm(standard card),60mm(Simonly card) ,inner size: 3 inch,outer size less than 450 mm

Available card

ISO standard card,half card(1/2card),SIM-only card(25X15mm)

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