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Automatic MINI Card Punching Machine

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LWMINI2000 incorporates card conveying, hole punching ,crease pressing .It is available for hole punching and  impress machining of different types of mini cards, The machine  is operated on touch screen human-machine interface automatically controlled by PLC, card sending ,hole punching and impress are driven by servo system. parameter can be adjusted, with high speed and precision

Belt conveying structure ensures high speed and stable work.

Adopt high-power servo motor as punching force,parameter can be adjusted, cutting moment is big, with high precision

Rational structure of moulds makes it convenient to replace moulds. Just replacing the mould is OK for processing different types of MINI card or other individualized card.

Rational card position correction structure ensures high punching precision

Adopt vacuum system to collect scrap

The machine will alarm and come to halt if there is no card or the discharge port is full

Operated on touch screen human-machine interface automatically controlled by PLC. It is reliable and stable


Power sourceAC380V/50 HZControl methodPLC program
Total power2.0 KWOperator1 person
Air source6kg/cm2(dry/no water)Position precision±0.020mm
Air consumptionApprox.60L/minWorkstation1
WeightApprox.600KgCard specificationISOCR80/IEC7810
Output2000~3000pcs/hOverall dimensionApprox.L1310×W650×H1700mm

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