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Automatic IC Card ImplantingMachine

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LWAIPT6000 is automatically controlled by PC program, and operated boy large LCD. Multigroup servo system matching with sensor automatically conveys card and IC module to seal. Parameters are adjustable, speed is fast and precision is high.
It is adapable for implantingand procesing of IC mould on card whose slot is milled.
1、It incorporates conveying of card, glue laminating of IC , punching and conveying, hot welding and cold welding seaing, test of IC mould.
2、Sending card by belt structure, which speed is fast and conveying is stable.
3、Proper card amending structure ensures high implantingprecision.
4、Using servo dynamo system stepping conveys IC module punching, which parameters are adjustable, punching precision is high, adjustmemt is more convenient.
5、Using servo dynamo drives imported high precision linear module structure conveying IC module, which precision is high, working longevity is longer.
6、First hot weld it, then cold weld it . Implantingtemperature is adjustable, effect is good.
7、Special hot welding implantingrecycle cooling system, which is adaptable to implantingof different specifications.
8、Module position automatically amends and positions, whose precision is high.
9、Module stepping eletric eye automatically monitor and protects the quality of module, and automatically clear the bad one away.
10、PC program controls automatic running, operating rate is fast. If there are any error, machine will alert and stop.
11、Our self-developed PC computer embedding IC module reading test system is widely used and powerful.


Power supplyAC 220V 50/60 HZControl methodPC program control+servo system
Total power2.5 KWoperator1 person
Air source6kg/cm2(no water)Temperature control range0~400℃(can be set)
Air consumptionApprox 80L/minImplantingwork stationFour hot and one cold
WeightApprox 700KgCard spec.ISO CR80/IEC7810
Output3500~4500 pcs/hOverall dimensionL1750xW850xH1750 mm

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