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Automatic Holographic Antifake Pattern Stamping Machine

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LWATMP300 is automatically  controlled by PLC program and is operated by colorized touch screen  human-machine interface, servo dynamo drives ecentric wheel thermoprinting  patter. Speed is fast and effect is good. 
 It is not only suitable for thermoprinting and processing of holograph  anti-fake pattern of bank card, and signature bar, but also suitable for  thermprinting and processing of common card and VIP card. 
1、it incorporates  conveying of card and film, thermoprinting and collection of finished cards  and waste feeds.. 
2、high precision  positioning eletric eye matching with stepping dynamo drives tailor-made  tires conveying film, stepping distance is positioned by cursor, (it also can  be set through adjusting setting of parameters), consumable use ratio is  high. 
3、servo dynamo  drives thermoprint head processing up and down. Speed and stroke parameters  are adjustable, which ensure reliablility and stablility of thermoprinting .
4、it is designed by  proper welding head strructure. A small welding head is changeable, when  differentiate printings and processings are needed.
5、Vaccum sucker  pull card conveying ensures accuracy of card positioning.
6、Using PLC program  controls automatic running, operating by colorized friendly human-machine  interface,, so operation is easy and convenient.
7、Using imported  temperature controlling module solely controls temperature of welding head.  Temperaure control precision is high, thermoprinting effect is good.


Power  supplyAC  380V/50 HZTemperature  control range0~400℃(can be set)
Total  power2.0KWMaximum  thermoprinting size85x48mm
Air  source6 kg/c㎡(no water)Overal  dimensionL1930×W950×H1720mm
Air  consumptionApprox  50L/minPosition  precision±0.2mm
weightApprox  500KgAdpatble  materialsPVC、ABS or ther plastic materials
Output2500~3500/hSpecification  of filmRoil  film that Inner diameter≦ 25.4mm,outer  diameter≦200mm,width≦100mmroil
Control  methodPLC  program+servo system

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