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Automatic Cap Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer

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1. This machine applies to foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical and pesticide industries.
2. Suitable bottle cap: Diameter: Ф10mm-Ф80mm
3. GMP audit requirement be conformed.
4. The aluminum foil sealer makes bow wave and generates become heat.

Major Characteristics
This machine takes the electromagnetic induction principle as a basis. The aluminum foil sealer makes bow wave and become heat, then the membrane will melt and adhere to the opening of the PE.PET bottles, and then to make bottles sealed. The high stress resistance components and big size Mouth bottles, the circulating water makes cooling. The machine don't need touch the bottle caps just cowling outside while sealing, GMP audit requirement be conformed.


1.Power supply: AC 220V; 50HZ
3. Suitable bottle cap: Diameter: Ф10mm-Ф60mm
4.Suitable bottle height: 40mm-245mm(may custom-tailored according to customer requirement)
5.Production Capacity:0-22m/min
6. Machine weight about 200kg
7.Machine Dimension (L×W×H):1000mm×960mm×1500mm.

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