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Auto Antenna Implanting Machine

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Model: LWAEM800

PC control principle is adopted and the wide LCD screen enables operation to be simple and visual.
The routine of the antenna is prefinished in professional PC drawing software, and then the machine will perform antenna embedding according to the programmed routine through double-axis stepping system driving the servo system. Imported ultrasonic antenna embedding technology 
ensures the stable working of the machine, and the whole operation is automatic and easy which is controlled by program 3X8, 4X8, 5X5 sheet layout available.

The most advanced ultrasonic line laying technology in the world is introduced.

The machine moves steadily, antenna is implanted evenly and distance between lines is accurate and uniform.

Antenna layers of different specifications of plates and antenna of various shapes can be twisted without replacing circuit board.

Mounting of materials is controlled by positioning holes, positioning nail and vacuum plates, which are convenient and adjustable.

Two sets of lining plates are adopted, without stopping machine when material is being changed.


Power source

AC 220V/50 HZ 

Control method

PC control card+ servo system

Total power



1 Person

Air source

6kg/cm2(no water)

Coil distance

no less than 0.2MM

Air consumption


Coil spec.

Diameter 0.1~0.15mm(copper line)

Net weight



thickness 0.2~0.4mmPVC、ABS、PET、 PETG etc.


800 ~2000pcs /hour


Philips Mifare one、ATMET Temic T5557、S50 、 ST、TK、LEGIC、etc..

Overall dim.


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