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Aseptic brick shape carton filling machine

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The machine is applicable for aseptic packing of liquid milk and non-soda drink, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drink, tea beverage, fruit wine etc. gravity flow type liquid food that have been carried out after UHT sterilization. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. All the core parts are made of world first class brand products. It can automatically complete the paper feeding, coding, sterilizing, filling and forming. The packing form is paper and aluminum laminated brick shape.


Equipment model: PACK-V1-6000

Production capacity: 6000 cartons/hour

Filling volume: 250ml or 200ml

Filling heads: 1head

Packing form: paper and aluminum laminated brick shape

Control: PLC human-machine interface

working air pressure: ≧0.6Mpa

Total power: 35KW

Total weight: 4500KG

Dimensions: 4500*2500*4200mm

Guarantee period of aseptic carton: under normal temperature of 25℃-30℃, adopting paper and aluminum laminated film, the guarantee period is above 6 months.

III. Capability features:

1. high efficiency, low wastage

2. Easy operation

3. Stable moving

4. Precise filling

VI. Technical details

1.  Pressure:

 (1). Compressed air pressure: 0.6-0.7Mpa

 (2). Cooling water pressure: 0.3-0.45Mpa

 (3). Hot water pressure: 0.3-0.45Mpa

 (4). Steam pressure: 170-200Kpa

 (5). Product pressure: 0.5-3.5bar  

(6). Aseptic air pressure: 25-35Kpa

(7). Roller pressure: 0.3Mpa 

(8).Short-stop vertical pressure: 2.0-2.5Kpa

(9). Vertical pressure: 2.5-4.0Kpa

(10).Photoelectric protect air pressure: 10-30Kpa 

(11).Spray cup air pressure: 0.3Mpa 

(12).Horizontal liquid pressure: 9.2-10.2Mpa

(13).Cutting pressure: 8.0-9.0Mpa

(14).Drawing correct cylinder pressure: 0.2-0.3Mpa

(15).Fold sealing pressure: 150-200Kpa

(16).Water pressure storage pressure: ≥0.5bar

(17). Adjusting valve I/P sensor pressure:

Pre-heating 0.1bar     sterilize: 2.0bar

Clean 3.5bar           produce: 0.8bar

(18).Aseptic room and H202 tank pressure: 20-35mmH2O  –5-0mmH2O    (1Mpa=1000Kpa=10bar)

2. Temperature:

(1). Hot water: 60-75℃(outside clean)

(2). Sterilize tank water pre-heating: 85℃ 

(3). Sterilize tank water: 80℃  

(4).Sterilize tank H202: 74-76℃

(5).Air heater: 360℃ 

(6). Air heater pre-heating: 400℃ 

(7). Pipe sealing: 280℃

(8).Vertical seal: 380℃

(9). Air knife temperature: 125-130℃

(10).Pre-sterilize: 270 ℃ before produce, 120-135℃during produce.

(11).Steam temperature input: 120-140℃

(12).Inside sealing belt temperature: 190℃

(13).Air conditioner requirements: 28-35℃

(14).Paper seal temperature: 190-210℃

3. Flow

⑴.Left –right claw cooling water flow:≥0.7L/min

⑵. Constant current valve:3.8L/min

⑶.Product back flow :10%

⑷.Clean flow :≥8000L/h(2.2-3.5bar)

4. Others

(1).H2O2 :35%-50%

(2).Cleaning agent:0.8L-1L(outside clean)

(3). H2O2 :0.7-1.2L/h

⑷. Product temperature :5-50℃

⑸. Environment temperature:15-30℃

⑹. Lubricate oil:0.01L/h

⑺. Cooling water:10L/min

⑻. Max granule:600μm(horizontal)

⑼. Steam flow:2.4Kg/h

(10).H2O2 PH value:2-4

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