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Aseptic Bottling Line

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Aseptic Bottling Line is fit for sensitive and freshness high-required beverage filling

aseptic filling system is designed according to the most advanced international ideology
Insulating cover is adopted in key parts of aseptic filling system
The fittest antiseptics is selected to sterilize the bottles
Product is insulated from the surroundings. Fully aseptic processing.
aseptic capper makes sealing more sanitary    

The fittest antiseptics is selected to sterilize the bottles
aseptic water nozzle fulfills rinsing the bottles and wipe out chemical remains
rapid filling without direct contact
flow-sensor is equipped to fixed-volume filling system
cap sterilization
to sterilize the caps with caps dipped into the antiseptics
aseptic capper
Lubrication-free bearings are equipped to parts out of bottle mouth to improve sanitationall key processes of line are running the aseptic inspection
All processes are controlled by main controlling unit
Product process-control
preparation of aseptic water and aseptic air
Manifold chemical index
Synchronous CIP/SIP/COP
Ventilating technology in insulating area
linkage system of aseptic filling
Process online recording system    


Capacity: 10000bph-36000bph(500ml)

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