Application of pasteurization machine in milk production


Pasteurization machine is a common milk sterilization equipment in life. Today we introduce the application of pasteurization machine in milk production:
Pasteurization is a common sterilization method for milk, which can kill harmful pathogens and make milk change as little as possible. That is, according to the difference principle of the heat death curve of tuberculous bacteria with strong high temperature resistance and the heat failure curve of cream separation which is easily affected by heat in milk, A method of heating treatment at low temperature for a long time or at high temperature for a short time. Among them, heating below 60℃ for 30 minutes, as the standard of low temperature sterilization, has been widely used in the world. Although high temperature treatment has some effect on milk quality, it can enhance sterilization effect. This method is called high temperature sterilization, that is, heating above 95℃ for 20 minutes. Pasteurization can also be used in fermented products in addition to milk.
Usually, bagged milk sold on the market is produced by pasteurization. The factory collected fresh milk, first low temperature treatment, and then pasteurized sterilization. Bagged milk produced by this method can usually be preserved for a longer period of time. Of course, the specific process and process is much more complex, but the overall principle is like this.
At present, pasteurization machines in the market are mainly used for commercial purposes, and pasteurization is also a universal sterilization standard in the world. In many large enterprises, pure milk and other flavors of yogurt in the market are pasteurized. With the development of green and healthy food at any time, pasteurization machines are now used in many small dairy farms. Small dairy farms use 100 liters or 200 liters, mainly to make fresh pure milk and distribute it to the market. The current pasteurization machine is equipped with a cold water circulation system. There are two usual refrigeration methods, one is: compression mechanism cooling, this refrigeration mode is fast, the effect is good, and the other is cold water cycle refrigeration. Mainly using logistics cooling, will be much lower cost.