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All Dielectric Self Supporting ADSS

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Cable structure:



ADSS optical cable, also known as all dielectric self-supporting optical cable, is a kind of non-metallic optical cable composed of all dielectric materials, including necessary support system, which can be directly suspended on power tower.



Provide good performance of moisture-proof and prevents water penetration

Providesgood protection for optic fiber

Eliminateselectromagnetic induction effect

Crush resistance and flexibility

PE sheath protects cable from ultraviolet radiation

Single Fiber Reinforced Plastic as the central strength member



Communication route for overhead high voltage transmission system         

It can be used in lightning prone area            

It is used for communication lines in long-span overhead laying environment.


The technical indexes are determined according to different cable cores, climatic conditions (such as temperature, wind speed, ice thickness), laying span and power line voltage level.

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