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5L bottle water filling line

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The 3-in-1 rinsing, filling and capping machine has introduced advanced filling technology from abroad and is a highly efficient and automatic liquid packaging equipment.

This machine is suitable for filling pure water, mineral water, fruit juice which is no gas contained into PET bottle, the machine has the following features: filling cylinder, such as the filling valve of direct contact with the material parts adopt high quality stainless steel, meet the demands of food hygiene, and sealers adopt heat resistant rubber, satisfying the requirements of the user process of high temperature disinfection, adopt PLC programmable controller, realizing from the bottle into the machine to packaging to complete automatic control, adopts frequency control of motor speed control, easy for user to adjust the equipment and meet the requirements of the different process of production capacity, adopting the advanced magnetic clutch adjustment screw torque device, to ensure the quality of the capping.


Rinsing head12 heads

Filling head12 heads

Capping head4 heads

Production speed1000-1200bph based on 5L round bottle


Machine sizeL2750×W2100×H2250mm

Machine weight4200kg

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