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100kg-300kg filling machine

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This is a semi automatic liquid filling machine which is suited for vat between 100kg and 300kg, it can dive into the bottom of vat to fill. It can reduce occur foam, accurate fix quantify, high yield etc.


1. Current supply: 380V-50HZ (or according to client voltage requirement) 
2. Power: 0.5KW 
3. Container mouth Size: Diameter: ≥ 60 mm 
4. Production Capacity: 40-60 Drums/hour 
5. Error Range: ±0.2% F.S. 
6. Maximum Container Size: Diameter 600mm x 930 mm 
7. Filling head number. 1 
8. Pneumatic (air-operated) source: 0.6Mpa clean and stably compressed air 
9. Filling volume range: 100kg---300kg 
10. Relative humidity of working environment:<95% ( no condensation ) 
11. Temperature of working environment :0-40 ℃
12. Material interface: standard flange, the press of the material intake<0.3Mpa 
13. Machine Weight: 420 kg 
14. Machine Dimension: 800mm x 1700mm x 2100mm

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