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100-300ml filling machine

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This type is a semi-automatic machine. It has advantage of compact structure, easy operation, sanitation type, easy maintenance, it can be suitable for beverage, juice, sauce, edible oil, and so on, this machine also meets GMP standard requirement.   


1. Current supply: 220V-50HZ (or according to client voltage requirement)
2. Power: 0.1 KW
3. Filling valve No.: 2
4. Filling volume range : ≤300ML
5. Error range: ±2ML
6. Production Capacity: 30pcs/min
7. Pneumatic (air-operated) source: 0.6Mpa clean and stably compressed air
8. Machine Weight: 80kg
9. Machine Dimension: 1lOOmm × 400mm × 900mm

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