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The stone-lacquer paint

Lacquer is used internationally renowned brands Dow's soap-free polymerization pure acrylic emulsion, natural sand, a variety of imported additives and water.


This product is suitable for concrete, plaster the grassroots, the grassroots, and other high-end decorative insulation of buildings inside and outside wall.

Product Features:

1, pure natural sand, never fade; 2, rich colors, film full, unique natural stone decorative effect; 3, mold alkali resistance, chemical resistance, superior outdoor durability; 4, light weight strong adhesion, can be used in a variety of high-grade coating the outer surface of the building.

Process characteristics:

1, the process is a lacquer resembles natural stone effect, with natural color, gives elegant, harmonious, solemn beauty. Currently more buildings are used as lacquer finishes upscale building renovation.

2, lacquer has water and alkali-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade, and other advantages; lacquer with good adhesion; lacquer can extend the life of the building.

3, the insulation base layer using lacquer substituted stone decorative effect, the construction is simple, time-saving, safety, economy, environmental protection and many other advantages.

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